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Dustin Johnson – The Comeback Kid

We all know Dustin’s story right? He’s a talented athlete with a physique more like a linebacker or a point guard rather than a golfer.

With a total of nine PGA Tour victories and some Major close calls, he’s got a pretty good career going and quite possibly a good one ahead of him as well. In 2014, however, we learned that Dustin tested positive for cocaine and had to take a leave of absence from the Tour as a result. You would think this could be a career killer. Dustin, however, has come back stronger than ever, writing the beginnings of what could be a great story.

Besides his stellar play, the first thing I noticed was a bit of a transformation in his body. Dustin was by no means out of shape when he left, but he has certainly slimmed down. He obviously took the time off seriously and rededicated himself to fitness.

Dustin’s 2015 Tour season has started with a bang. Although it is early, at the time of writing this, he currently stands in fourth place in the Fed Ex rankings, has a win, a second place finish, and three top tens in three out of five events (he missed the cut in two of those events). That’s a career for some people and the season is still in it’s infancy!

He may not be the best interviewer, but the boy can play. I love comeback stories (as I am sure most of you do too). I only hope he continues the momentum and stays on the straight and narrow. He is no Tiger, Phil, or Rory … not yet anyway … but it should motivate all of us Golfing Fanatics to never stop working towards our goals in golf and life, whatever they may be.

His story tells us that it is never too late to turn things around, dismiss our demons, and achieve our dreams in this game, so never stop learning and working at it. Dustin may have had some youthful exuberance to get out of his system. For now, all indications lead us to believe he is serious, and I for one think there are some exciting moments coming from D.J. this year.

The first major of the season is around the corner (can I get an AMEN!), and a Major victory would put icing or a cherry on top, and after several close calls for Dustin over the years, make his comeback oh so bittersweet!

Keep it going Dustin …

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