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Working on a Golf Course

A beautiful day on the course.

A beautiful day on the course.

Have you ever walked onto a course in the morning and wondered what goes on behind the scenes? I’ve worked at Charleston National Golf Course, located in Mt. Pleasant, SC, since 1998. Today, I’m going to give you a little idea of a day at the course with me.

I arrive at the course usually 30 minutes before the first tee time, to get a head start on the golfers. I walk through the marshes and pluff mud to pick up golf balls as well as any trash I see. I then take the balls “home”, back to the office, and run them through a ball cleaner before I put them in bleach/water mixture for a couple of days.

If I have some that have already been in the bleach/water mixture for a while, I take them out of the bleach and separate them by brand names and bag them up. We then sell them in our pro shop to our members and customers — but I like to say we are really renting them!

I also tend to the nuisance critters on the course, such as foxes, alligators, possums, and raccoons.

Avoiding the gators.

Avoiding the gators.

I started as a ranger, but with my schedule at my full time job, it was hard to schedule certain days to work. The guy that was originally “working the marshes” quit because the gators scared him. The gators and me have an agreement “you stay over there and I won’t eat you”. Kind of goes both ways if you know what I mean.

I really like my job, the people I work with, and the people I work for – and I love the game even more.



Terry Brobisky lives on Wadmalaw Island outside of Charleston, South Carolina. He has been working at Charleston National Golf Course since 1998 and also currently works for a golf ball retrieval company. When he’s not dodging gators on the course while he is working, he enjoys playing as well, and is always trying to improve his game.

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