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Golfing Fanatics- Equipment Review information

Please enjoy your Item from Golfing Fanatics and follow these brief instructions

  1. As soon as you receive this, Take a picture of the item (s) and post to our Facebook Page with this Message. “Thank you Golfing Fanatics”
  2. If you are paying member of the Club… Please write a 100-300 word review of the product after you use it. This must be completed within 30 days of receiving. (Required if you are Monthly Member)
  3. Yes you can do a video review of the product if that is easier
  4. Please send the review to within 30 days

Simple as that… you KEEP the item we have sent to you. Remember our sponsors are looking for reviews, please complete in a timely manner.

Questions Email us at or call 1-866-519-5892

Keep’em in the Fairway


PS.. Still on the fence about GF?  See if there’s a Golfing Fanatics Scam here…

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