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Tips On Making Short Putts More Consistently – How To Putt Consistently


While golfers often spend most of their time trying to improve their long game, it is their short putts that often make or break their scores on a course. For this reason, it is imperative that players focus on both their short and long games, which is why we wanted to provide these tips on how to putt more consistently. Consistency is often what players look for when it comes to playing well. After all, a great game isn’t something to brag about if it is followed by a sequence of poor performances. For this reason, consistency is something players need to look for in their short putts and making short putts easy, and there are various ways that they can achieve this.

Short Putting Tips

Read Your Putts Beforehand

One of the best ways to start improving your game on the green is to start reading your putts before you reach it. Reading putts tips. About ten yards before you reach the green, you will want to start reading it so that you give yourself a better chance of performing once you need to putt. From this distance, you will be able to get a much better view of how the green is spaced out, including where the slopes are situated. These can be quite difficult to spot once you are actually standing on them. The slightest breaks could end up affecting whether or not you are able to make a putt, so it is usually a good idea to get down low in order to see them. The same can be said for long putts tips.

Keep Your Thumbs On Top Of Your Grip

Your grip might end up changing many times as you improve your game, but there are certain fundamentals that you won’t want to change and this includes keeping your thumb at the top of your grip, pointing downwards towards the putter’s shaft. This position allows your hands to remain in a more neutral position so that neither hand will be able to dominate your stroke. The right grip can and will help with consistent putting.

Keep The Line in Your Mind – Short Putt Tips

One of the most important things about making short putts is to make sure that you keep the line of the putt constantly in your view and in your mind. Professionals tend to make this their priority while on a course and you can see this just by looking at their line of vision. It is easy to spot an amateur on a course because they tend to have a look at this line when they are behind the hole before aiming their club more or less in this direction. After that initial glance, their eyes do not move back to the line, and this is where they make their biggest mistakes. This is one of the simpler things you can do to learn how to putt better.

Keep Your Elbow High At The Finish

Before putting, it is generally a good idea to start off with a wider stance. This means that your feet will need to remain just a bit more than shoulder width apart. This will allow a person a lot more stability when they are standing directly over the ball. When following through with the putt, it is a good idea to finish with a high elbow, since this allows the place to hit the ball with just a bit more of an upward motion to ensure the ball spins on top.

Follow Your Instincts – How To Putt In Golf

A very big part of the putt is about instinct, and so once players have improved on the fundamentals, they need to make sure that they focus on this facet of their game.  A lot of short putting comes from your gut.


Don’t Take Your Eye Off The Ball

When a player knows that the ball is going to reach the hole, they tend to follow it all the way in, but this tends not to be the case when they know it is going to miss. When this happens, players often take their eyes off the ball, as if they don’t want to see what happens next, and this could be a big mistake. By keeping your eye on the ball, you can actually get a better reading on how to bring the ball back and how to putt well from nearly any position on the green.

Don’t Put Too Much Pressure on Yourself

According to a recent study, even the professionals are only ever able to sink their putts between 20% and 30% of the time, from a vantage point of ten feet away. This means that amateurs shouldn’t get wound up about not making this putt every time. It is usually best to approach this facet of the game with a lot more patience and to remember that no matter how hard you have been practicing, the experts most likely practice even harder and even they are not able to achieve perfection.

How To Make Short Putts Every Time

Making short putts consistently isn’t an easy task to undertake, but it is one that is possible when you put in the time and effort to work on this facet of your game.  Once you do this, you’ll see how to make short putts every time simple. And just remember, the best way to putt for you, might be different than your buddies so try it and see what works. A lot of the increase in your score can come from figuring out how to make putt practice fun, instead of seeming like a chore. It’s one of the biggest reasons we love working on our putting 5 minutes per day.


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