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What Are Your Golf Goals?

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” —Abraham Lincoln

The season is finally here. If you have not been thinking about your goals and setting a course on how to achieve them, now is the time. The quote above from Abraham Lincoln should remind us all that preparation is nearly 70% of accomplishing anything, so keep that in mind as you chart your path to becoming a better player this year.

In order to get better at your game, which as a member of this community I assume you are intent on doing, you must set goals each year. It’s the only way to get better and even if you do not attain them, the work you put in will pay dividends later. But setting the goals is only one part of the process. You also need a plan and you need to follow through with that plan

To help you determine your goals and set a plan, here are my top three for the year and how I plan to accomplish them:

1. Practice Weekly: I know I need to put the time in, and over the years with a full-time career and a young child this has been difficult.

Here is how I will do it:
a. Wednesday mornings before work, I will spend roughly 30-45 minutes on short game
b. Thursday nights, I will hit balls
c. Saturday mornings, I will hit balls and work on putting
2. Play Once a Week: I know it is hard to play once a week, especially with other responsibilities and activities vying for our attention but if we are creative, we can do anything. Here’s how I will do it:
a. Play only nine, or only six, or heck only three holes. Being out for only a few holes helps continue your development as a golfer, so change your thinking, i.e., you don’t always have to play 18!

3. Bring my Daughter Along: One of my passions is helping to grow the game. What better way to do that than to raise the next generation of golfers. Here’s how I will do it:
a. Take her at least once or twice a month to my practice sessions. She happens to love this so it is easy for me. However, add an ice cream cone afterwards, and I think you will find your children more than agreeable!
b. Bring her to the course at least once or twice a month. She will have fun and it helps me accomplish Goal #2!

What are your goals? Think about them. Write them down. Make a plan, follow through with that plan, prepare through regular practice, and up your game!

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