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Tips On How To Ship Golf Clubs

Golf Club Shipping Made Easy…. Finally

Golfers often like to bring their golf clubs along when traveling to different parts of the world because this allows them the chance to try their hand at courses that might not have otherwise been available to them. The problem with traveling with a golf bag full of clubs is that it can be cumbersome, heavy and downright impossible to get from one location to another with relative ease, which is why it seems so hard to ship golf clubs. There is also the chance that the clubs could get stolen or lost along the way, and this could end up becoming a very expensive issue. For these reasons, most professionals recommend having the clubs shipped to the destinations before a player leaves their home.

Ship Your Golf Clubs!

Locating The Right Company – How To Ship A Golf Club

Before shipping over your golf clubs, one of the first things that you will want to do is check which golf bag shipping companies will allow you to do this. While most courier companies will be able to handle this task quite simply, some of much more capable than others. There are a range of companies that now specialize in the shipping of golf clubs specifically, which means that they understand the difficulties associated with moving these items, as well as the cost of replacing them. These companies tend to be the go-to options for players who travel frequently because they pose less of a risk to these valuables, particularly because of how much experience they have in handling them.

Cost To Ship Golf Clubs – Obtaining a Quote

The amount that a person will pay to have their golf clubs shipped from one location to another will depend greatly on where they are traveling to and how quickly they would like the clubs to reach their destination. It is usually a good idea to obtain a couple of quotes from a few different shipment companies before picking the one that suits your pocket best. It is imperative that you do not make the entire decision based on pricing alone, or you could end up receiving a poor quality service.

Couriers With Easy-To-Navigate Websites

Not all couriers are easy to deal with. Some have very tricky websites that take ages to navigate, and at the end of it, they could have people feeling exhausted at the thought of having to ship their clubs to their intended destination. Luckily, this isn’t the case with all couriers. Some of them have sites that are very simple to navigate, and this can turn an ordeal into a relatively enjoyable experience.

Falling Costs Of Shipping Golf Clubs

A few years ago, having golf clubs shipped from one location to another was something that only a relatively small number of people could afford. This is changing, however, which means that more and more people have the chance to try their favorite exotic courses with their own clubs in hand. With that said, it’s still not super cheap, but shipping golf clubs is much more cost effective than it used to be for sure.


Preparing for the worst is something that all golfers need to do whenever they opt to ship their clubs, particularly because of the costs associated with this sort of equipment. When sending your clubs from one location to another, make sure that these items are fully insured so that if anything happens to your precious equipment, you will be able to have everything replaced before you know it if something goes wrong shipping golf clubs.

Alternative Options

Just in case something goes wrong with your plan to have your clubs shipped from one location to another, it might be a good idea to have a backup plan in hand. Rental sets might not be a person’s first option, but they can come in handy when you have no other option.

There is also another exciting option available to players these days and that is to take advantage of the testing services that are now loaning out full sets of clubs to players who will then try the clubs out and inform the company of what they thought about them. These are handy solutions to the shipping problem because once a person is done with the clubs, they will often simply need to leave them behind in their hotel room.

Shipping or mailing golf clubs from one location to another has never been easier, and golfers have never had as many options to take advantage of as they do now. Still, preparing for something like this can go a long way in helping golfers make the most of the opportunities that these courier companies have given them. Doing your homework before shipping your clubs might just mean the difference between paying a fair rate to have your clubs at your side and paying a lot of money for the same.

Ship Your Golf Clubs!

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How Much To Ship Golf Clubs? Shipping Golf Clubs Cost

We’ve seen prices advertised as low as $39.99 all the way to $499.  A lot of the pricing is gonna depend on how fast you need the clubs to arrive at your destination course (and back home) as well as insurance to cover your clubs should something happen.  So, to answer the question of how much does it cost to ship golf clubs, the cleanest answer is to get a quote.

Be sure to check with the Golfing Fanatics preferred vendor by going here.  In our reviews, they seem to be a good place to consistently ship golf clubs cheap.

Is Fedex Golf Club Shipping Safe?

From all of our research, as long as you use a Fedex golf club box, you should be fine.  There’s been very few complaints we’ve found with regards to their ship clubs services.

As far as the Fedex golf club shipping cost, it seems like, without getting an exact quote you can ship clubs from NY to LA for as little as $55 to over $100, but your best bet is to request a quote from them to get an accurate price on shipping golfclubs.

Which Golf Club Shipping Box Should I Use To Ship My Golf Clubs?

Finding the right place to get a solid, dependable golf club shipping box  seems to be from sources like Uline or even UPS.  Both seem to have a variety of tested golf bag shipping box options that can ensure your clubs get from A to B in one piece.  Once you have the right golf clubs shipping box to ship in, make sure you’re selecting the right golf club shipping service.

What’s The Best Golf Club Shipping Services?

We’ve tested several over the years and we’ve consistently gone back to Luggage Forward as it consistently keeps coming back as the best way to ship golf clubs. The ease at which they get our clubs from home to the course, anywhere in the world, makes it a no brainer.  Click the link here for a special Golfing Fanatics special with Luggage Forward….

Obviously they’re not the only company that has services for shipping your golf clubs, but in our experiences, they seem to have the best price and are most reliable.

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