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Basic Golf Etiquette

New to the game? Trying to understand what to do out on the course? Etiquette is always important – in life – on or off the golf course. However, there are a few basic things one should know when on the course.

1) Most courses abide by the ready golf rule. If you are ready to tee off or take your shot before your partners, please do! It keeps the momentum going and avoids a back up in carts waiting on you!

2) The most you should score on a hole is double par. If your score card shows a 17 for a par three hole, you need to follow this rule!

3) Don’t forget to pick up your tee from the tee box, replace sand/grass in divots and rake those sand traps.

4) You should not tee off on a hole until the party in front of you is on the green on a long hole or off the green on a short hole. This can be dangerous!!

Ok, now for some lighter etiquette tips.

If you smoke cigars or cigarettes please take your butts with you! Walking up to a tee box with theses items still smoking or looking like goose/duck droppings isn’t very appealing.

Yelling at the people in front of you – men or women – to “Speed it up!” is rude. Have one of your party take the cart up and politely ask them if they can do so. But be careful, women golfers can be just as tough as men on the course, so beware!

If you hit your ball onto another fairway or at someone’s head, please yell “fore”. Don’t be embarrassed – really yell it!!! I have seen more than one ball whiz by my head, through the golf cart or thump at my feet without warning.

Lastly, when someone in your party is teeing off, try to be quiet. Talking during a back swing can cause distraction and send a ball on another fairway, whiz through a cart, or thump at someone’s feet and if you are smoking you may not have opportunity to yell “fore” – Haha!



Lori Engler is 51 yrs old, has been playing golf for about eight years, and loves all things golf – including the fabulous clothes! She enjoys spending time at the beach, cooking, traveling to play golf and spending time with her two little dogs. She especially enjoys the nice golf weather Florida has to offer.

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