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Effective Tips On Lengthening Your Drives

One of the toughest challengers that a golfer will experience as they go about trying to improve their overall technique is the lengthening of their drives. By lengthening a drive, a golfer will ultimately shorten their game by more than just a few swings, and this could end up improving their overall score quite a bit. How do you go about lengthening your drive? There are a few ways in which a person can accomplish this.

6 Can’t Miss Tips On Lengthening Your Drives.

Increase Your Loft

Before you go about altering something about your swing in order to benefit from a lengthier drive, it might be a good idea for you to take a good, long look at your equipment, since this could have just as big of an impact as a change in your swing. One of the fastest ways to add some extra length to your drive is to improve the loft on your driver. In some instances, this could add more than 35 yards to your drive, which definitely makes it worth considering. What is more, it might also be a good idea to look at opting for a lighter shaft that is properly fitted, since this can go a long way in helping you achieve that optimal swing.

It often takes investing a lot of time and energy into optimizing your equipment before you shift the focus to your own skills. This is because, just by changing something as small as the loft on your clubs, you could end up adding yards to your swing. To achieve the same effect by altering your swing, this could take many months to accomplish.

Take Advantage of a Physical Aspect

There are many physical aspects that could end up contributing to a lengthy drive. Some people are long hitters because they have large builds, while others are slim and very fast. This basically means that it is a good idea to start out by determining what feature on your body could help you improving the length of your drive, if you were able to use it to your advantage.

Shorten Your Shaft

Many people assume that longer shafts will automatically help them in developing a longer drive, but this is not necessarily the case. In fact, in many instances, it might be a short shaft that does the trick. Longer shafts could end up throwing off a player’s timing, which means that it might be better simply swinging just that bit harder with a shorter shaft.

Drawing the Ball

The experts usually advise that individuals opt to draw their ball, rather than slice it. This is because equipment doesn’t spin the ball quite as much these days as it used to in the past, and balls aren’t spinning quite as wildly as they once were. If you are looking to get some length on your swing, you might want to opt to swing your club from the inside of the ball so that you turn the ball over. This will lead you to compress the ball so that it bores into the wind much more effectively.

Keep Calm

There are some days where you might really see your length improving, and then other days where you feel you have gone backwards. Accept that these days are going to come around, and when they do, don’t get upset about it. You might find that some days you just don’t feel as strong, or as flexible as you do on good days, but this shouldn’t get to your head or it could lower your confidence, and this can play havoc on your abilities.

Teeing Off

Lastly, when you tee off, make sure that you treat it like a bogey. When this happens, people get quite upset with themselves, and this can throw them off their game for the rest of the course. When your emotions take over, you could end up focusing too much on the specifics, rather than concentrating on the overall game and this could lead to some pretty bad swings. It is usually a good idea to let your emotions take control so that you don’t over think every shot. This will help you become in tune with your body, allowing you to improve your swing without much effort on your part.

When you are in the process of lengthening your drive, you will face many obstacles along the way, including yourself. The trick is to keep going no matter how tough things get. Remember, even setbacks will teach you something about how you can go about improving your game.

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