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Unsolicited advice from a slicing golf troll…

Back in July I was talking to one of my Golfing Fanatics business partners and he told me about one of the most irritating things that can happen to someone when Teeing off.

He was getting in position, doing what he was taught by a PGA Master Professional he learns from, and getting ready to swing.

Suddenly, a ball lands about 20 feet from him from someone on the adjacent fairway. The guy comes zooming up in his golf cart asking where his ball was. My friend, ignoring the guy, took his swing and hit it straight down the middle. He said it was a great shot about 10 yards from the green.

What did the lost ball guy in the golf cart — who couldn’t even keep the ball in his own fairway, much less hit it straight — do?

He gave my friend a tip on how to get more power in his swing!

My friend was NOT amused.

He said he must have had a look of pure fury on his face, because his girlfriend stepped in front of him and said something to the guy along the lines of “thanks” to get him to go away.

This happens all the time.

Some know-it-all giving unsolicited advice on the greens is not only irritating, but can be insulting. Especially if you are a better player than they are (which is almost always the case, isn’t it?)

I know I got angry just hearing my friend’s story.

I don’t know about you, but when I want advice I’ll ask for it, I don’t want it unsolicited unless it’s from someone who is clearly better than me, that I respect.

This is one of the parts about our Golfing Fanatics private online club I’m going to like the most. People like us can go inside and share information, stories, techniques, tactics, swing ideas, you name it… and get feedback we actually want and asked for. It’s set up so we can all get the interaction, participation, and feeling of belonging where your opinion is heard and counts… where people help each other out (but not in the unsolicited obnoxious way people do on the course sometimes)… and where we can just talk about golf, share stories, and have a great time whenever we want.

We also are installing forums on every topic you can imagine:

Health tips for pain and longevity (so you can play well into your 70’s and 80’s and still enjoy the game)… the best updated ideas and resources… current Tour news and trends… swing tips, course reviews, driver reviews, teacher reviews, a classifieds section, Tour equipment conversations, club fitting tips… advice for putters, short game, driving, and style & accessories. There’s membership travel talk, Tour talk, general golf talk, and an open forum to talk about anything you want.

It’s just like a REAL private club experience.

You can build life long friends all over the world. Get personal recognition for your achievements. Be emailed daily golf tips on whatever areas of improvement you need. And, have all the access you would at any other high priced club.

Plus, if you are a member, it’s YOUR club.

We are getting it going with the opportunity to get free equipment and demos and all the travel discounts and free professional training… but any time you want something added, whenever you have a request… just let us know and we’ll make it happen.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you.

So far here’s what we have prepared:

* Free eligibility for demos and brand name equipment, clubs, clothes, gadgets, vacation discounts, etc that people who belong to super expensive clubs usually only get

* Free training from some of the top golf coaches on the planet (including 3 PGA Master Professionals), golf weight loss tips from the #1 authority on the subject (Larry Jacobs — who has helped everyone from golf celebrities like Roger Maltbie to players like Fred Funk and Allen Doyle to famous teachers like Todd Graves)

* Forums on every golf subject you can imagine

* A chance to interact with golfers all over the planet who are members, helping each other out, exchanging info, sharing stories, making lifelong friendships with other like-minded people

* And, another goodie I’ll tell you about soon that is so cool, I cannot imagine it NOT improving every members swing literally overnight

Plus, it’s all going to be so inexpensive, you won’t even feel it, regardless of what kind of golf budget you have.

To be notified when we launch (which will be soon), go here:


Use your *primary* email address.

When we open the doors, I am confident we will fill the limited number of spots quickly. Time will be a factor whether or not you get in or not and you don’t want to miss the launch email.

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